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Specialist support to transform parenting stresses, challenging family dynamics and behaviours.

Meg Parkinson created Thrive Parenting because she believes nurturing a positive family environment leads to a healthy and progressive society.

Thrive Parenting makes simple plans with small steps to allow big change for your family. 

Thrive Parenting draws upon a holistic range of proven methods to develop innovative, practical and effective strategies to enable you to save time and effort while achieving a sustainable sense of calm. 

Thrive Parenting recognises that every family is unique. We allow your family to grow and develop together with confidence and understanding.

For parents who are looking for answers about how to:

  • Remain in charge, confident and calm in challenging parenting situations
  • Change the frustrating fact that attempts to improve your children's behaviour often has no effect or the opposite effect
  • Know how to reduce fights and power struggles, attention seeking and helplessness
  • Achieve co-operation easily
  • Build and maintain relationships that mean your children are more likely to listen to and respond to what you say
  • Motivate and activate your children's potential
  • Manage your children's emotions effectively
  • Activate healthy self-confidence
  • Increase your children's ability to be resilient
  • Encourage accurate optimism and persistence

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Thrive Parenting offers 3 options for you to choose from:

 Online Classes

 Individual Coaching

 Group Classes

You can now learn all the Thrive Parenting techniques at home and at your own pace.

Watch the Thrive Parenting On-line introductory video or view more information  here.

Meg listens to the difficulties that are occurring for you and gives you strategies, ideas and a plan of action designed to assist YOUR family and YOUR situation, to restore a sense of calm and confidence.

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Thrive Parenting classes are structured, interactive, practical and fun. They run over 3 consecutive weeks so that participants have the opportunity to practise at home in-between.

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Supporting you to create the family life you deserve.