What people are saying

Excellent - it covered many different (calmer) approaches to parenting. This course has given me greater confidence in my ability as a parent. I am calmer and therefore have more control in situations. This has formed a better "understanding" between mother and child! Meg listened to our needs and concerns and explained very well.

Caleena, Mother of 2 aged 4 ½ and 2 yrs

A marvelous investment in my family's future

Dave, step - father of 2, aged 9 and 10

Working with Meg on the Thrive Parenting techniques was an amazing experience for me! I have studied many parenting techniques and courses, but have to say that this was the best! Meg was so wonderful in her delivery, personal care for my situation and my family, and a great example of what she teaches. The principles and skills taught are simple, yet so effective. It was wonderful discovering ways that I could combat difficult situations in a more loving way, while still maintaining firm boundaries. Thanks Meg!

Kate, Mother of two teenagers a 7 yr old and 3 year old

This course has been fantastic Meg! Thank-you for the extremely high quality of information presented, it was ALL very useful, simple and practical, and for the approachable and laid back manner in which it has been presented. The biggest benefit was that you could comment on and debrief all of the individual scenarios that people presented.

Rebecca, mother of three, aged 9, 7 and 4

The course was 90% excellent! 90% leaves room for me to find more reasons in how it has assisted me. It was all interesting, topical and pertinent to what the course title suggested. Again thank you very much for a fantastic course, presentation and an insight into my children. I am really enjoying rebuilding some of the bridges with my children and am finding that the flow chart to solutions is helping me a lot.

Graham, Father of two aged 6 and 3 yrs.

It was great to hear all the positive outcomes parents had achieved with their children in the final week, due to all they had learnt throughout the course.

Rochelle, Child-care worker and Step - Mum of three, aged 10, 12 and 15.

The information has been very applicable to life as a parent. I LOVE the magnetized summary cards and refer to them frequently. I found Meg was approachable, helpful, perceptive, understanding and gave HEAPS EXTRA. Thanks for showing me options for dealing with situations.

Danae, Mother of two girls aged 9 and 11 with ADHD

I was very impressed with the course content and with all the handouts that can be continually referred to. Meg was great - her suggestions for solutions were enlightening! Listening to concerns of other parents was also of great benefit - it's always nice to know you're not the only one with parental issues! I have found the whole course very beneficial.

Kathy, mother of a gifted 9 yr old.

Useful practical tools for everyday use. Long term benefits for all ages. I had no particular issues going into the course; however alternative strategies and new tools really helped enhance my parenting skills! Excellent!

Ainslie, Mother of two, aged 10 and 2 ½

Such a great course for EVERYONE to be involved in! This course reminded me and helped me understand that behaviour is emotion based. I loved the open discussion and shared ideas, the handouts and info given is great.. Meg is very understanding of the emotions involved with parenthood and childrearing. Thank you!!!

Becky, Childcare worker and mother of two, a baby and 3 yr old.