Who will benefit?

  • Any parents with toddlers to 12 year olds.
  • Any school or day care centre that would like to implement or maintain a holistic approach to discipline.
  • Any boarding staff who would like to sharpen their skills to help encourage positive behaviour.
  • Any business with workers who are parents trying to find work life balance.

Which option will suit me best? Coaching or Class?

Choose Individual Coaching if you:

  • Are time poor and need to be flexible, you can choose the day and time
  • Like to learn in a one-on one situation
  • Do not live in the Brisbane area and would like to be coached remotely via phone or Skype
  • Find it difficult to find a baby sitter, Meg can come to you 
  • Think you would not get your needs met in a group because your situation is quite unique
  • Only have a couple of questions that you would like to have answered in a short time
  • One and a half hours focusing specifically on YOUR situation to get to solutions for YOU, quickly and efficiently

Choose Classes if you:

  • Like to learn in a group
  • Want to learn from other people's experiences as well
  • Want to learn all the 'core' strategies so that you know you have them for when the need arises
  • Would like to receive the resource that you can refer to as a support for when you are learning or need to get back on track
  • Ten and a half hours of ideas, strategies and support.

How soon will I see results?

This is your investment in your child. You can start using your tools after your first Thrive Parenting session and you will see results immediately. These results will improve each week and will last a lifetime.