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Meg Parkinson
B.Ed (Special Ed), M.Ed (Guidance and Counselling)

Meg devotes her career to understanding human behaviour and applying her experience to assist teachers, parents and their children to relate with each other productively, calmly and positively. She not only creates and delivers practical, beneficial programs; she also consults with parents on a one on one basis.

Her experience includes 25 years working in the education sector, in special needs - learning support, classroom teaching, gifted and talented education, counselling and facilitation. She was a leader in the development of education policy on bullying; has extensive involvement in contemporary education incentives and created and facilitated training programs on behavioural management for teachers, principals and parents in Australia and the UK.

International leaders in personal effectiveness, Franklin Covey Australia, worked with Meg to launch and implement their program 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens'. This process involved the delivery of the program to staff and students in secondary schools throughout Queensland.

Other projects include developing and presenting training programs for the Department of Child Safety; developing, marketing and presenting a woman's personal and professional development program; and conducting training research with executive training group Norton Consulting.

Meg holds a Bachelor of Education (Special Education) and a Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling. She is a member of the William Glasser Institute and is accredited to provide training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management, to facilitate the 'P5 A Participatory Program Promoting Pleasurable Parenting' and is a Family Dynamics Practitioner. She also holds a Certificate IV in assessment and Workplace Training.