Thrive Parenting Online

You can now learn all the Thrive Parenting Techniques at home!

Thrive Parenting Online offers a practical, time efficient solution for parents who are trying their best to raise their children well, in today's world. Making family life work can be pretty complicated these days because our lives are moving so much faster now. Every parent experiences upheavals, sleepless nights and behavioural challenges with their children. Feelings of frustration, powerlessness, stress, anxiety and guilt are common to all parents who are trying their best to raise their children.

Thrive Parenting On-line allows you to take the positive steps necessary to assist your family to grow and develop together with confidence and understanding. Children whose parents consistently use the positive techniques that are included in Thrive Parenting Online, have fewer behaviour problems, are more resilient, get along better with friends, do better academically and can even have better physical health.

Learn how to:

  Remain in charge, confident and calm in challenging parenting situations  Motivate and activate your children's potential
  Change the frustrating fact that attempts to improve your children's behaviour often has no effect or the opposite effect  Deal with your children's emotions effectively
  Know how to reduce fights and power struggles, attention seeking and helplessness  Activate healthy self-confidence
  Achieve co-operation easily  Increase your children's ability to be resilient
  Build and maintain relationships that mean your children are more likely to listen to and respond to what you say  Encourage accurate optimism and persistence

Important Points

  • You get weekly support - each week you will receive very helpful strategies that are constructive, encouraging, affirming, loving, optimistic and above all SMART, because they save so much time and stress!!!!!! in bite size pieces via e-mail

  • Very time efficient Learning your new strategies only takes about half an hour a week

  • The support and encouragement extends for thirteen weeks - 3 months is the widely agreed amount of time it takes to make SUSTAINED positive change.

  • Only $49 Which comes to about $3.75 per week.

  • If you have anyquestions throughout the program you can post them on my blog for discussion OR

  • If you require more personalised support, I am available for individual coaching sessions face to face or via Skype.


How to get started

  1. Read the overview of the Thrive Parenting Online content below, to check that it offers what you need. (Just scroll down to read)

  2. If you haven't already, watch my little video in which I introduce myself and explain a little more about what to expect from Thrive Parenting Online. Please excuse that I talk about PEPA Smart Parenting in the video, but when I made it Thrive Parenting was called PEPA Smart Parenting. Nothing else has changed in the classes that I am speaking about apart from the name.

Introductory Video:

       3. You can read the free introduction on the Articles/Tips page of this website or click here

       4. Click the Buy Now tab to pay securely with Paypal.

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5. You will receive your 1st week of strategies which includes learning a system that helps you to get on top of disciplinary challenges and begin to notice positive changes straight away.
              (Please allow up to 12 hours processing time)





Module 1: Why Children Are Like Hair:
How to manage yours while allowing them to be healthy and bouncy

Learn how to:

How you will benefit:

  •  Be in control, feel in charge and calm. Learn a system that helps you get on top of disciplinary challenges.

  • Ensure your children learn important skills such as responsibility, following instructions and making smart choices from an early age.

  • Reduce stress when things don't go as planned. Learn the secret ingredient to stress reduction.

  1. You will know what to do more easily.

  2. You will be more consistent in your responses.

  3. You will achieve co-operation.

  4. You will feel calmer in the process.


Module 2: Communication: what is soft is strong

 Learn how to:

How you will benefit:

  • Achieve co-operation quickly.

  • Increase your child's emotional intelligence.

  • Deal with your children's emotions effectively.

  • Help your children to solve their own problems, thus increasing self- esteem.

  1. Getting back in charge quickly and calmly when things aren't going as  planned.

  2. Building and maintaining relationships that will help you and your children through the teenage years. (Start as you mean to go on!)

  3. Activating high self-esteem in your children

  4. You will remain calmer in challenging situations.


Module 3: Parents are like Jumping Castles: How to stay bouncy and not to deflate

Learn how to:

How you will benefit:

  • Identify the 4 purposes of misbehaviour (power, attention, revenge, and withdrawal/inadequacy) and discover why our attempts to change the behaviours often have no effect or the opposite effect.

  • Use charts, contracts and family conversations effectively

  •  Manage sibling fighting, and

  • Receive the flow chart to solutions all the tools, summarized in one page!

  1. Feel in charge, confident and calm for the long term.

  2. Understand that you now hold the key to smart, calm parenting

  3. Know why, how and when to use the tools.