Class Outline  

Essentials of Discipline - How Children are like Hair: what you can do to manage yours, yet still allow it to be healthy and bouncy

Nurture resilient, responsible and happy children

  • Learn a system of discipline to help deal with disciplinary challenges, it's like having a recipe that you can always fall back on!
  • Discover how to stay calm and in charge (This means actually feel calm, not just pretend to be!)
  • Become aware of what you can do so you don't have to dread those times in the day, or those outings, that you know your children will misbehave

Crucial Communication for Co-operation and Calm: what is soft is strong

Build and maintain relationships that mean your children are more likely to listen to and respond to what you say

  • Learn how to achieve co-operation quickly - get back in charge quickly and calmly when things aren't going as planned
  • Find out how to deal with children's emotions effectively - activate high self-esteem
  • Be able to remain calm in challenging situations
  • Motivate children to behave as you would like
  • Diffuse difficult situations and change the mood to positive
  • Create a positive atmosphere that enables thinking and learning
  • Increase self- confidence and self-mastery
  • Encourage accurate optimism, persistence and competence - set children up for success

Simple Steps to Solutions to Stressful Situations

You can be effective in turning misbehaviour into positive behaviour

  • Discover why our attempts to change the behaviour often have no effect or the opposite effect
  • Become aware of how to feel calmer in the face of misbehaviour
  • Know how to reduce the fights and power struggles, attention seeking and helplessness
  • Understand that you now hold the key to smart, calm parenting
  • Understand an amazing one page flowchart to help you remember when to use each tool
  • Revise how to use the tools when you need them
  • Feel in charge, confident and calm for the long term 

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