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Parenting is not what it used to be- Society has changed from being 'authoritarian' (do as I say, or else) since the current generation of parents were brought up, leaving the methods many parents are using obsolete. Read More



No! Have you had enough of hearing that?

There isn't a person alive who doesn't hate being told no, but it can be infinitely frustrating when this word repeatedly comes at you from young children, sometimes after the most innocent request. The 'attitude' in which it is said, increasing in gusto as they get older.

If you are getting 'No!' answers way too often, here are some ideas to reduce them: Read More


Are you worried your child is too good? Yes Seriously!

Children who get too much validation for being good find it very difficult to handle the tiniest mistake without feeling they are failures. These children, if they do make a mistake, are apt to lie, or worse, avoid activities that they are not sure they will succeed at to cover the fact they are not perfect. Is your child being good to win approval? Or are you blessed with a sensible little person who always seems to get it right?

Things to do and say to ensure your child doesn't become an approval seeker: Read More


I'm Bored!

The holidays are here, and all you hear is, 'Mum, Dad, I'm bored.'
It is very easy to fall into the trap of feeling as though you need to try to think of solutions or become 'the entertainment' for your children when you inadvertently hear the dreaded phrase, 'I'm bored' or worse, experience what they actually start getting up to when boredom sets in, the fights, the mess, the frustration. Following are some ideas to help you with your bored children that are designed to stop you getting sucked into coming up with endless ideas, or spending buckets of cash keeping them entertained. Read More


Time Out: If you can't smack your kids, can you do this?

Last week we posted an article about smacking and why you shouldn't smack your kids. Wow. There were some strong responses. Some very angry people and also a lot of people who agreed vehemently.  We also received a lot of requests for different approaches to discipline. So today we get to take some time out with Meg Parkinson who is a parenting educator and examines the use of time out.
Please note that we are NOT publishing this in order to judge parents or children or to tell you how to parent. We are just looking at different opinions. Meg writes:Read More


What on Earth are we going to do with the kids these holidays?

Every-one looks forward to the holidays but the idea of keeping the kids busy and out of trouble can be extremely daunting, and stressful on the purse strings! Following, is an idea to help you maintain some structure, which most kids need, as well as some activity ideas and sites to help you enjoy your time at home with the kids without having to strain your brain every day. Read More