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11 insights from a very wise paediatrician

Posted by Meg Parkinson on 15 January 2014


Over the next 10 weeks (except for this week, in which you will recieve 2) I will be sharing one wise insight from Dr Stephan Cowan's '11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew', for you to think about.   He writes: After 25 years practicing paediatrics, and caring for thousands of children, I've noticed some patterns that offer me a deeper vision of health. Here are some of those invaluable lessons:

1. Growth and development are not a race.

These days we’re in such a rush to grow up. In our mechanized, post-industrialized world of speed and efficiency, we've forgotten that life is a process of ripening. To get good fruit, you need to nourish strong roots. Pay attention to the ground that supports your child’s life: Go for a walk with your child, eat with your child, play together, tell him a story about your experience as a child.



2. Creating family traditions encourages strong roots and a healthy life.

This takes time and practice. Personal traditions are sacred because they promote exchanges that strengthen bonds of love and intimacy and build the kind of confidence that will carry your child through this world.

Stay tuned for next week's insight.




Author: Meg Parkinson
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